Monday, 14 August 2017

Electro-Harmonix Pog (Big Box)

Following the Nano POG & POG2, here is the original big box Electro-Harmonix POG. The big POG has mostly the same set of features as the POG2 - it doesn't have presets and the filter has fewer settings, but there are separate detune sliders for the 1 & 2 octave up harmonies.

No slide pots were placed this time
In keeping with a trend I've noticed with EHX products, it's completely different on the inside than the other POG pedals. The POG2 and Nano POG use Analog Devices BlackFin DSPs, the OG POG is much more late 90s and has a DSP56364 and a 8051-style P87C52 MCU, just like some Line 6 products, or the Digitech Whammy. I have no idea why this cheap microcontroller family is so commonly found alongside the DSP56K series but I'm starting to suspect there is an application note somewhere that shows how to use these parts together. The AK4552 codec and 2272 & 5532 opamps are also very familiar by now. A TLV1543 ADC reads out the slider positions.


This pedal is also an outlier in that the complete factory schematic is online at Freestompboxes. The P87* series MCUs are OTP (but could be replaced with a compatible programmable part), so I have dumped this one. There is no other programmable part on the board so this should hold firmware for both the MCU and the DSP. The binary is here.
There are a lot of unpopulated parts in the PCB layout, some may be used for development and some look abandoned. There are footprints with silkscreen labels that indicate that they are for MIDI control and the schematic also indicates MIDI was planned at some point. I didn't experiment.

Trashed slide switch

No complicated fix for this one, once I had rigged up an 18V supply I found that the LPF mode switch was broken and a couple of wires looked like they were about to come off the board. After some solder touch ups everything worked fine. It sounds very much like the POG2, but as I don't own one anymore I couldn't do a direct comparison.


  1. Hi there, many thanks for this amazing blog full of resources!
    I thought to ask you if you could help me troubleshoot my POG.
    The status LED stays always on but hardware wise everything in the circuit seems ok.
    Here are some more details:
    I think is savageble but after I spend days on it I still can't find the issue!
    Happy new year,

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